Mountain Lion Experiences Freedom For The First Time In 20 Years

Mufasa, a mountain lion, was forced to work in an illegal Peruvian for over 20 years.  The poor lion was treated badly and didn’t have the freedom other animals have if they live in a zoo. Although some zoos make it a top priority to keep their animals happy, all of them are not doing this.  Living in a zoo, however, keep the animals safe from endangerment and hunters.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Mufasa, a mountain lion.

Mufasa was shackled in chains around his neck and legs, and was kept in very dark conditions since he was a cub. For about 20 years, he was used as entertainment while he traveled along with the circus.

The poor lion did not even have a proper home, he slept locked up in the back of a truck, surrounded by tent gear in horrifyingly dirty conditions.

Mufasa was rescued from the cruel conditions. He was speculated to be abused as he was terrified by the rescuers when they tried to approach him. Underweight and cursed by skin infections, but luckily, he was shipped off the Lima, Peru, where he was given the treatment he deserved.

They nursed him and fed him well, trying to ease the poor feline from its trauma. After a while, Mufasa’s conditions improved, and he was taken to a new home in Taricaya Ecological Reserve, where he is free to roam a natural habitat for Mufasa.

Mufasa was nervous at first but slowly adapted to his new surroundings, the sight of the rainforest was new to him, but he was finally where he belongs.

Mufasa serves as an inspiration and a symbol of awareness of the conditions these poor circus animals are in.

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