19 Dogs Sleeping In Totally Ridiculous Positions

Anyone who has a dog knows that they’re goofy little (or big) animals. They’re funny and cute, but they’re truly full members of the family.

Lots of dogs think that because they’re “man’s best friend” it means they can do whatever they want whenever they want — whether that be stealing food off their owners’ plates, hiding their owners’ clothes, or sleeping in their owners’ beds.

One thing that makes dogs unique from their human counterparts, though, is their ability to fall asleep in literally any position.

Although they normally like to sleep in cozy places (like we do), sometimes they get too tired and just fall asleep wherever they are, in whatever position they’re in.

This happens a lot with young puppies who just can’t figure out when they’re about to fall asleep, but it’s arguably even funnier when it happens with full-grown dogs. Take a look at the dogs in the pictures below — they’ll definitely make you laugh!

1. “This Is How I Keep My Legs Nice And Toned”

funny sleeping dogs

Can you imagine seeing a person sleeping like this?

2. “Mmm, This Shoe Smells Good”

funny sleeping dogs

I guess the shoe was just so nice that this pup decided to sleep there.

3. “They Say You Are What You Eat”

funny sleeping dogs

Especially if you also sleep in what you eat.

4. “Is This How A T-Rex Sleeps?”

funny sleeping dogs

This dog looks like he’s trying to imitate a terrifying dinosaur during a deep slumber.

5. “All This Lying In The Sun Is Exhausting”

funny sleeping dogs

If I were sitting in that lovely Adirondack chair, I would definitely look less grumpy than this dog.

6. “Streeeeetch”

funny sleeping dogs

This doggy looks like he started stretching to wake up, then fell back asleep.

7. “Ugh”

funny sleeping dogs

This dog sleeps like I do after a long day at work.

8. “I Need Some Coffee”

funny sleeping dogs

This is what most of us look like before our first cup of Joe in the morning.

9. “This TV Show Is Boring”

funny sleeping dogs

After trying to get comfortable and watch some good television with his humans, this dog looks like he just kind of gave up.

10. “Can I Have Dinner Yet?”

funny sleeping dogs

This little stool looks like the perfect place for a bowl of dog food, right?