Owner Lovingly Bonds With Her Third-Generation Horse

According to The Horse website, there’s nothing better than showing signs of affection and the extra scratching in areas they find hard to reach.

Research conducted by equine scientists show that scratching a horse actually increases the horse-human bond and serves as an effective reward for good behavior. Scratching is a natural behavior for animals and when a human helps out the animal truly appreciates it.


According to a study, a horses’ heart rate increases when they received friendly scratches from their riders and owners. There was movement in the upper lip when the horse was being scratched.

One owner recorded the whole experience and it’s just too precious!

The colt in this video is very special to the family because his grandmother was the owner’s first horse.  She was loved and cared for 17 years and he is the third generation out of this family line.

Watch the video below and you’ll be sure to get a kick out of the colt grinning while receiving a good neck scratch.

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