Abandoned Dog Waits On Porch For Owners To Return

Blossom had been severely neglected and was terrified of human interaction. She was alone and spent most her time sitting on a porch of an abandoned house.

Whenever someone tried to help Blossom, she would run off. There were several Good Samaritans worried about her and were always putting food and water out for her.

Finally, the neighbors posted a picture on Facebook and the team at WOOF, a pet rescue  from Woodward, Oklahoma instantly took notice of the story. They stepped in and brought Blossom to the safety of their facility.

The immediately began treatment to diagnose and heal all her health ailments. It was not long before Blossom heart began to welcome the love she was receiving and she no longer feared contact with humans.

After she had her first bath, she loved being pampered before and absolutely adored the attention she was getting. Gary and Sarah, two of those who helped care for Blossom while she was a stray.

Blossom is now in her forever home with a family who just loves her!

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