Terrified Foster Dog Found After Being Lost For 61 Days With Best Friend By His Side

When two foster dogs went missing in District of Highlands in Canada, rescuers worked tirelessly to find them and they never gave up no matter how hard it was.

The terrified pooches roamed the wild for 61 days before Canada’s Victoria Humane Society was able to rescue them.

“There was no chance we wouldn’t catch them because we weren’t going to give up,” Penny Stone, the executive director of the animal charity, told Canada’s CTV News.

But the search wasn’t simple. Much like the rescuers who swam across a dangerous river to reach a dog, these ones also proved just how far they’d go for man’s best friend.

The organization used thermal imaging units, bloodhounds, and posted over 500 “Lost Dog” posters throughout the area. However, it was the five cameras they set up in the woods that did the trick. The cameras caught the dogs roaming about and the rescuers set up a successful trap.

The dogs were previously saved from a hoarder’s property and became petrified of humans as a result. Yet Stone believes they will be rehabilitated with some love and care.

“We know that starting here we are going forward and these dogs’ lives are just going to get better,” she said.

And as you’ll see in the video below, these two truly have a bond like no other.

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