Shelter Dog Will Not Go Anywhere Without His Elephant Toy

Smokey, a 5-year-old-dog was surrendered to Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center on Valentine’s Day with his favorite toy “so that he can take comfort” in it. Smokey loves his stuffed elephant so much, that the shelter put a sign on his kennel saying that he and elephant must be adopted together.

The only way to make Smokey happy was to let him keep his elephant toy! Other than playing with the toy, he became depressed, shy, and stressed. Smokey was scheduled to be euthanized in March…

Two volunteers from the nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization came to the shelter and fell in love with Smokey immediately!  They pledged to find him a home.

Now that Smokey is out of the shelter, and will have a new home, he can’t stop smiling. “He was sad and laying with his elephant until [volunteer] started to talk with him,” says Melissa Sutherland, I Have A Dream’s treasurer. “It is amazing what rescue does for dogs.”

Smokey the rescue dog won’t go anywhere without his elephant toy.

His previous owners lost their home and had to surrender the canine.

The sign on his kennel said that Smokey and elephant dog toy must be adopted together.

The poor dog was very depressed just lying in the shelter, but “I Have A Dream Rescue” saved him.

They committed to finding a foster home for Smokey and his elephant, and now, Smokey can’t stop smiling!

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