Couple Finds Puppy With No Ears Crying On Doorstep And There’s A $5K Reward To Find The Monster

Kaylee Doonkeen and her husband woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of crying and whimpering near their doorstep. They went outside to their yard and discovered an abandoned puppy.

At first, the couple thought the puppy’s ears were just folded back. But when animal welfare workers arrived at their home, they realized the horrible truth.

The puppy’s ears had been completely cut off at the scalp.

This is a particularly horrific and unique case. Animal rescuers often have seen cases of ears being cropped, but this puppy’s ears were removed entirely.

They rushed the puppy, who they named Rocky, to the animal hospital.

Amazingly, the veterinarian says Rocky will be OK, and his hearing will remain intact. He’s now healthy and happy in his new foster home!

With Rocky on the road to recovery, authorities are now desperately searching for his previous owners. Why were the poor pup’s ears sliced?! Who could have done this to him?!

It’s incredible that despite his nightmarish beginnings, Rocky has a playful spirit and open heart.

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