Cops Break Into Abandoned Truck After Citizen Warns Them A Dog Has Been Trapped Inside For Days

Officers with Milwaukee Police District 2 didn’t hesitate to save a dog trapped inside an abandoned pickup truck.

According to WTMJ Milwaukee, the police officers received a call from a concerned citizen about an abandoned pickup truck in the area. The caller told the authorities that a pit bull was also trapped inside. Officers rushed to investigate.

Coincidentally, WTMJ’s crews arrived just in time. Their cameras captured the parking tickets accumulated on the windshield of the pickup truck.

The officers promptly broke into the car and freed the pit bull inside. WTMJ reports that the dog seemed unharmed and in good spirits, but he left the seats of the car soiled. They claim he spent at least four days inside.

Officers took the dog to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. There, Dr. Libby Gutting confirmed that the dog was in great shape.

She told WTMJ that anyone who finds a dog trapped alone in a car for more than an hour should call the police.

“An animal could suffer from hypothermia or even pass away from that, so we definitely don’t want to leave animals outside in any sort of condition, especially for a car that’s not running,” she said.

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