Mom’s Confused When The Family Dog Bites Her — Until She Realizes The House Is On Fire

The story of Patches the dog is like no other.

One day, Nola and Richard Davis decided to bring home Patches. They hid the pooch in the car as the kids circled it with excitement. Their son and daughter, Andrew and Clara, were elated to finally have a family dog.

However, Nola began to notice something about Patches. He was getting bigger and bigger. Their home wasn’t well-suited for such a large dog. Nola and Richard held a family meeting announcing they were going to get rid of Patches.

Andrew protested that it was a bad idea. There was no way he was just going to let them get rid of his best friend. Nola agreed to hold off on the decision for a few more days.

That night, she decided to take a bath. That’s when things began to get strange. All of a sudden, Patches charged into the bathroom. Now, if there’s anything to know about the big dog, it’s that he despised the bathroom because he hated baths. He avoided it like the plague, but now, he refused to get out.

He began to bite Nola’s wrist, not dig in with his teeth, but bite her as if to pull her. She got out of the tub, and when she opened the door, the entire house was on fire. Patches grabbed Nola and guided her through the maze of flames.

Once outside, where her family was safely waiting, Nola tried to go back in, but Patches blocked her entry. Then, the house exploded.

Patches saved Nola’s life, not once, but twice. The heroic dog was awarded by the Red Cross, and of course, the Davis family decided NOT to get rid of him!

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