Dog Chases Owner’s Ambulance In Argentinian Organ Donorship PSA

Any pet owner can speak to the special bond we share with our animals: They’re protectors, companions, and oftentimes even family. They’re around for the best and worst, and most pets are fiercely loyal to their humans.

That’s the narrative shared in the PSA video below. We see a beautiful story of an elderly man and his dog — a friendship for the ages. When he suffers a stroke, his four-legged companion chases the ambulance all the way to the hospital and waits in the rain for days at the building’s entrance. His owner never emerges, but a miracle does in his place…

Each year, tens of thousands of lives are saved through organ donation. In fact, in 2014, “organ donors made more than 28,000 transplants possible,” says the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. “Another one million people received cornea and other tissue transplants that helped them recover from trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment, and vision loss.”

The woman he greets, in the end, was saved through the generosity of an organ donor, and this story even gives us a happy ending for all involved. We’re led to believe he finds a new forever home in this stranger — a touching ending to a fantastic PSA. If you’d like more information about organ donation, please visit the HRSA website here.

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