Rescue Dog And Duck Form A Loving Friendship

Patrick and Kirsten Riley of Strout, Minnesota adopted Max, the dog, when he was five years old. I did not take long for him to become fast friends with Sasha, another Husky they had at the time. Sadly, Sasha passed away leaving Max heartbroken. That was until he befriended another animal…a duck.

Patrick and Kirsten adopted Quackers, and Max immediately took a liking to him. “Max would sit next to his pen all the time, and they just kind of bonded that way,” Patrick said.

“After we let him out, they never left each other’s side.”

“They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks together,” Kirsten added. “Everything is together.” Most of the time the pair is hanging out along Highway 28, people even stop their cars to appreciate the loving bond the two have.

The Town of Strout is only 25-residents big, so the pair has become well-known in the area. “Sometimes on my way home, I actually hope they’re out there because they’re just too precious to look at,” neighbor Alisa Godejahn said. “We see people stopping over there all the time. The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken.”


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