Photogenic Momma’s And Their Adorable Baby Bears

Animals in the wild learn from their parents and are taught the necessities of life and how to survive. However, their method of survival is very different from ours. The pictures below are of momma bears and their cubs and show babies the intricacies of being a bear.

1. Riding bear back.

2. A fun moment with momma.

3. This little guy doesn’t like being kissed in front of his friends!

4. I’ll just hang here!

5. Kisses for mom!

6. Momma and her three cubs on a field trip!

7. Hunting for fish.

8. Swimming with momma.

9. This cub is very warm hiding out under there!

10. Hi, mom, let me give you a kiss!

11. Keep going!

12. And this is how you stand on two legs…

13. Just enjoying a spectacular view!

14. Polar bear love!

15. Love the kisses!

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