Enormous Bears Behaving Like Humans

Everyone seems to love bears. Teddy bears are popular stuffed animals that almost every child owns; and when people go on vacation to national parks that are habitats for bears, the visitors can’t wait to spot one of the live “Teddy bears.” What people need to remember, though, is that a live bear is not a stuffed animal.



Mr. Bear is enjoying a sunny morning relaxing on his back porch, watching the neighbors stroll by.



A bear sitting back, enjoying the peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon.


A bear’s curiosity is seen here. He may be in for a big surprise if he manages to get the Sea-Doo started.


Wanting a chance to show humans what it feels like to be the subject of so many pictures, the bear decided to turn the tables and steal a camera for a photo shoot.


Excuse me. This is my stop.


Since I can’t get my paws on a real phone, this will have to do.


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