Man Risks His Life Rescuing Two Kittens From Oil Spill

This is the story of two kittens who were rescued by a brave man, Anatoly Tuptey, a local resident, from a deadly oil spill in Russia. Tuptey was working hard to stop the oil from spreading when he heard the faint cries of kittens. The cries were coming from a country house that was completely affected by the deadly oil spill. Tuptey knew that he had to go and save the tiny kittens.

Tuptey, wearing big boots, waded as far as he possibly could and made it to the house, which was flooded with oil. There he saw a wooden board floating inside and two kittens were fighting for their lives by clinging to the board. One kitten was up to the neck with the oil while both were covered in black oily gunk.

The oil was up to his waist, but he didn’t care, he was glad to rescue the kittens!

He brought the kittens home and Tuptey’s dog fell in love with them!


Watch the heartwarming video below!

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