Abandoned Cat Rescued From The Street Has Beautiful Transformation

A tiny kitten was rescued from the streets after living with a smashed jaw for days. The veterinarian was not sure he could put it back together again. His face was crusted with blood, and he had a severe infection. The poor kitty could not keep his mouth closed, and his tongue was hanging out. As if that was not bad enough, he had a bone poking through his gums.

The kitten was found on the side of a highway by Melissa, who refused to let him go that easily, she knew this cat had the will to live. The vet suggested he be put down.

Melissa said the cat purred the entire time he was in the car as if he was glad to have been found.

He is just a kitten, and too small for surgery and they were not sure if he could even eat.

Melissa offered food to the cat, and he didn’t hesitate and ate the whole can!

Melissa brought him home and named him Smeagol, after the character from the “Lord of the Rings.”

Melissa said he perked up and his eyes got brighter when they got home.

In just a couple of months, Smeagol’s jaw healed. It didn’t make sense to operate anymore and Smeagol has a trademark snaggletooth look.

He is a happy, healthy boy!

Smeagol has lots of friends since Melissa has 5 other pets! Melissa can’t imagine life without him.

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