Baby Kangaroo Was Held Captive After Hunters Killed His Mom

Jax the kangaroo was a baby when hunters shot and killed his mom. Jax was taken as a prize for the hunters and he was never properly cared for.  Sometimes, Jax would go days without food.

Joslyn Van Nieuwkerk found where Jax was living and demanded to have him turned over to them. Van Nieuwkerk, a volunteer with a local rehab center, took him for emergency care.

The poor kangaroo was so dehydrated his skin was peeling off, he was malnourished and deathly afraid of humans. Van Nieuwkerk happily reports that Jax’s health has drastically improved.

He is getting stronger every day and is getting the love that he deserves. Jax still has a long way to go before he is completely recovered. Once Jax has made a full recovery and is old enough, he will be released into the wild.


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