Abandoned, Pregnant Dog Holds Out For A Miracle, And Finally Gets Her Wish

This is such a special story.

Java the boxer was left behind by her owners. When they moved away, they left her alone in the backyard to fend for herself. Not only was she scared and starving, but Java was also very pregnant, and close to giving birth.

But the frightened pup, who was only about two years old herself, wasn’t ready to bring her babies into the world — not in these terrible conditions. She held out as long as she could for a miracle. That’s when a woman named Karen from LostPetFoundPet.org found her. “I could not wait for a rescue to take her in so I brought her to Nob Hill Animal Clinic in Plantation who OPENED their doors after 6 pm to take her,” she told us. “The next morning, they walked in and she had given birth to her first baby.” That’s right — within mere hours of her rescue, Java felt comfortable enough to give birth to all nine of her tiny puppies, without a hitch!

(The video shows Java giving birth to a couple of the pups at the 2:35 mark, but it’s not terribly graphic. She makes sure to give them plenty of licks and kisses.)

As soon as the staff knew Java and her puppies were okay, the new family was transported to the Florida Boxer Rescue on the west coast of Florida.

It’s amazing to see a group of people to come together to help Java and her pups. LostPetFoundPet.org was able to raise over $1500 for her care and gladly transferred the money to the rescue.

The best part? The heroic team of angels was able to find and secure loving homes for all the puppies and Java! How amazing is that?!

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