How to Tame a Hamster: Your Complete Guide 2024

How to tame a hamster

How to Tame a Hamster

Taming a hamster requires patience and time if you’re a new hamster owner. It is important not to force the process; otherwise, you may end up with a pet that is resentful or skittish. But never fear! With patience and some treats, you’ll have your hamster eating out of the palm of your hand in no time. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Get on your hamster’s level. When you first approach your hamster’s cage, get down by sitting or squatting down on their level. This will help put your hamster at ease and let them know you’re not a threat.

2. Let your hamster come to you. Once you’re down on their level, extend your index finger, let your hamster sniff it, and crawl onto it on their own accord. If they’re hesitant, try offering them a small treat like a piece of apple or carrot.

3. Hold your hamster correctly. When picking up your hamster, support their bottom with your palm and hold them close to your body, so they don’t feel insecure or scared. Never pick up a hamster by its tail!

4. Give them some time to adjust. Once you have your hamster in hand, give them time to adjust to their new situation before trying to pet them or play with them. Just sit quietly, let them explore their new environment, and enjoy the cuddles.

How to tame a hamster

Hamster Taming

Step One: Get Your Hamster Used to Your Scent

The first step in taming your hamster is getting them used to your scent. This will help your hamster become more comfortable with you and less likely to bite when you try to handle them. To do this, put your hand in their cage a few times a day so they can get used to your smell.

Step Two: Start Slow

Once your hamster is comfortable with your scent, you can start slowly introducing handling. Begin by petting your hamster on its back for short periods. If they seem nervous or try to bite, give them some time to adjust and try again later.

Step Three: Work Your Way Up

Once your hamster is okay with being petted on its back, you can start working your way up to holding them. Again, take things slowly at first. Scoop them up in your hands gently and let them sit in your cupped palms for a few minutes before putting them back in their cage.

From there, you can start increasing the time you hold them until you can hold them comfortably for extended periods.

How to tame a hamster

How to Tame a Scared Hamster?

Create a Safe Space

One of the best ways to help your hamster feel more at ease is to create a safe space to explore. This means removing any hazards from their cages, such as loose wires or sharp objects, and making sure the floor of their cage is solid so they can’t escape. You should also provide plenty of hiding places for your hamster to retreat if they feel overwhelmed or scared. Once you’ve created a safe space for your hamster, they’ll be able to relax and start exploring their new home at their own pace.

How to tame a hamster

Handle With Care

When bringing your hamster home, it’s essential to let them acclimate to their new surroundings before picking them up. Once they seem comfortable, slowly and carefully place your hand in their cage so they can get used to your scent. After a few days, you should be able to pick them up without them running away from you. When handling your hamster, always support their back and legs, so they feel secure. Never pick them up by their tail, as this can be very painful.

How to tame a hamster

Give Them Some Time

Taming a scared hamster takes time and patience. Don’t expect your hamster to run up to you when you open their cage door. It may take weeks (or even months) for them to become comfortable enough to approach you on their own. In the meantime, enjoy watching them play and explore their cage from a distance.

How to tame a hamster

How to Hand Train a Hamster

Before You Start Training

It would be best to do a few things before training your hamster. First, you must ensure they’re healthy and comfortable in their new home. If your hamster is sick or stressed, it will not be very receptive to training. Once you’ve settled in, the next step is earning their trust. You can do this by offering them treats and handling them frequently. Once they seem comfortable with you, you’re ready to start training.

How to tame a hamster

The Training Process

The first thing you need to do is get your hamster used to be handled. Pick them up gently and hold them close to your body. Let them sniff around and explore a bit. Once they seem comfortable, it’s time to start working on some basic commands. “Sit” and “stay” are always good places to start. Reward your hamster with a treat whenever they obey an order. With enough patience and practice, you’ll be able to teach your hamster all kinds of tricks!

How to tame a hamster

How to Tame a Biting Hamster

1. Establish trust by handling your hamster frequently. Get your hamster used to being picked up and held. The more comfortable your hamster is with being handled, the less likely it is to bite.

2. Don’t make sudden movements around your hamster. Sudden noises and activities can startle your hamster and make it feel threatened. When approaching your hamster, do so slowly and quietly so as not to scare it.

3. Offer your hamster lots of chew toys. Chewing is a natural behavior for hamsters, so giving them plenty of things to gnaw on will help discourage them from nibbling on you instead. Make sure the chew toys are made of safe materials such as wood or paper; avoid anything made of plastic or metal, as these can harm your hamster’s teeth.

4. Reward good behavior with treats. Whenever your hamster behaves the way you want it to—whether that means not biting or using its litter box—give it a small pleasure as a reward. Over time, your hamster will learn that Bite = No Treat will help discourage biting behavior.

How to tame a hamster

Final Thoughts

Taming a hamster takes time, patience, and lots of treats! With enough effort, you’ll be able to train your furry friend to do all kinds of tricks. However, it’s important to remember that each hamster is unique, so not every method will work for every pet. The best way to find out what works for your hamster is to experiment and see what gets the best results. Have you had any success taming a hamster? What tricks have you taught your furry friend?

How to tame a hamster

Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the individual hamster. Some may take weeks or months to become tame, while others may never genuinely tame. The best way to find out is to experiment and see what works for your pet.


Put your new hamster in a warm, quiet area, and give it a few days to get acclimated to its new surroundings before expecting it to trust you. The hamster should then gently approach its cage and remain there for a while. Repeat this procedure as frequently as required until you see it exploring its cage while observing.


Warm the body of a hamster in shock by gently rubbing it, then place it in a dark, quiet area away from abrupt or noisy movements. Health issues like stress and heart failure may be brought on by shock and trauma. If your hamster seems to improve, take it to the doctor to rule out any wounds or damage.


Hamsters are small prey animals. They are easily frightened. Your hamster may fear you for anything as simple as a quick movement. Loud sounds, short or abrupt actions, or the presence of unfamiliar animals or humans in their habitat.