He Rescued Abused Pit Bulls Who Became Instant Members Of Their Family

When Bridget and Louie were brought in to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, in Conroe Texas, they were in bad shape. They clung to each other in fear, and were dangerously skinny.

The veterinarian that examined them said they had been neglected for a long time, possibly by dog fighters. Either their teeth were worn down from chewing at a metal chain to get away, or the dog fighters had filed their teeth down.

The pair were treated, metal wire collars removed, and they were sent to live with a foster family.

The dogs immediately made themselves comfortable on the couch, and spent a good portion of each day sleeping.

One of their favorite past times is sunbathing on the porch. It seems relaxing outside in the warm sun is a new experience for them.

They had no problem making friends with their foster brothers. Being around love and a positive home has saved these two pups

They probably never had the affection of a human hand.

Now they snuggle with just about anyone. They’re just waiting to fully heal to find a new forever home, hopefully together.

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