People Can’t Get Over How Featherless Owl Look Like

You just have to see this image of a featherless owl! It’s the image you’ll stare at for a couple of minutes trying to figure out if it’s true and if it is true how it can be possible. Once this process went through your mind it’s becoming simply amusing so it’s no wonder that tweet about how owls look naked went viral pretty fast and amused a large part of the Internet community.

Sometimes, the most random thoughts come to us, be it during a shower or at bedtime when we’re struggling to sleep.

And one of those ideas has resulted in deep regret for social media user Dana Schwartz, who wondered what an owl would look like without its feathers. The truth, as it turned out, was something that cannot be unseen.


The author of the mentioned tweet was Dana Schwartz. She called the photo in which a regular owl “meets” its “skeleton cousin” – “the spookiest meeting of all time”. Dana also wrote-  “I just googled what owls look like without feathers and I am severely shaken.”. And really, one must be shocked seeing the featherless owl pic and ask themselves – is it real?!

The answer to this question is – Yes! “The bird in the center is what a barn owl would look like with almost no feathers. It’s actually a great photo showing how much feathers change the appearance of a bird,” the deputy director of World Bird Sanctuary, Jeffrey Meshach, told Buzzfeed.

featherless owl

featherless owl

This is what she found when googling “Owl without feathers”. Yes, the picture can’t be unseen so if you already looked at it, we’re sorry.

featherless owl

featherless owl

When you see the image of the feathers owl –  you actually have this face.

However, the Internet didn’t take this shocking photo well, no matter if it is true. There were many comments expressing doubt that it’s an owl without feathers in the picture. Some of them even claimed it could be a skeleton of an alien. Check out in the gallery below the tweets and the photos and some of the comments.

featherless owlfeatherless owl featherless owl

featherless owl featherless owl

featherless owl