Abandoned Dog Curls Up To Die In A Family’s Bathroom, Then Realizes He’s Being Saved

Dylan the dog was days away from death, and he seemed to be fully aware of that heartbreaking fact.

It seems like Dylan’s former humans abandoned him when he was in his most desperate need of help from a true friend. Dylan had maggots growing inside of his ear, and they were spreading like wildfire. It was just a few days before they would begin to attack his brain.

So, after walking up and down the lonely streets, this dog finally found a quiet place to wait for death. He broke into the home of some family, snuck into their bathroom, and laid down for the last time.

But the family came home and found the horribly sick dog. That’s when they called the amazing men and women at Animal Aid.

The second the rescue team looked through the doorway, you can see that Dylan seemed to understand they’re there to help him and save his life.

Even though he’s in horrible pain, he does his best to be a good dog. His tail starts wagging like crazy, and he stands up to play.

After a long and hard surgery, Dylan was saved and is being given the second chance that all animals deserve.

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