She Rescued A Sick Homeless Animal On Her Porch And Realized It Was Not A Dog

If you spotted a sick, injured, or otherwise helpless animal, what would you do? The right thing to do is to help, but sometimes fear or concern can make us think twice. Some kindhearted individuals, however, have a protective instinct that comes without hesitation.

California resident Sharon Bertozzi is one of those people. When she saw a terrified, sick dog on her front porch, she immediately tried to help her.

When Bertozzi discovered a small, frightened animal curled up behind a ceramic vase on her front porch, she assumed the creature was a very sick dog. “My heart just ached for her,” Sharon said in an interview. She decided to take immediate action.

Sharon then placed the poor animal inside a small cage and then phoned the local animal rescue team, City of Folsom Animal Services to save the little animal.

When rescuer Cindy Walden arrived, she could not believe her eyes. Cindy realized that this animal was not a dog at all.

The sick “dog” was actually a female coyote who was suffering from a bad case of mange. “She had such soft eyes, that relayed the message of ‘help me if you can,’” Cindy said.

The rescued named the coyote “Princess” and took her to the rescue where Princess became friends with two coyotes that she was placed with! Both were around her age, and both were eager to play with her. The three of them seemed to get along just fine, much to the relief of the rescue workers.

Princess and her new coyote friends developed a close bond while at the wildlife rescue. They spent their days playing together and workers knew that it would not be long until they would be able to release them back into the wild.

Princess is now safe and healthy, and back in the wild where she belongs.

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