Dog Who Survives Hurricane and Was Finally Rescued After Being Trapped Under Shed

Hurricane Ida left destruction in its wake, and several residents are still picking up the pieces. Even animals were affected. Poor Bubbles, a dog who survives hurricane has been trapped underneath a collapsed shed ever since and was struggling to survive until a kind stranger finally spotted his sweet face under the debris.

dog who survives hurricane

The stranger then called over Humane Rescue Alliance officers who were working with the Louisiana SPCA (LASPCA). It turns out that the pitty dog had been chained up and was completely stuck. The LASPCA shared the rescue details on Facebook. They suspect that the dog had been trapped there since the hurricane, “terrified in the sweltering heat with no food or water.”

dog who survives hurricane

“We carefully lifted the shed enough so we could guide the dog out from underneath and free him from the chain,” they wrote.

The shelter said that Bubbles showed his gratitude the moment he was freed: “Bubbles was super friendly and sweet and became almost immediately affectionate toward his rescuers.”

dog who survives hurricane

The LASPCA’s communications engagement specialist, Rebecca Melanson, said it was a miracle that he survived amid the hurricane’s sustained winds of over 130 miles an hour. Bubbles is now receiving all the care he needs. He has a safe place to sleep, with food, water, and air conditioning. The shelter also saw his sweet personality shining through.

“Sometimes he tries to act tough, but he just wants some attention and love at the end of the day,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca shared that Bubbles’ story is not the first time something like this has happened. Pet owners usually evacuate their home thinking that they can return after a couple of days, but end up being gone for weeks.

dog who survives hurricane

“You think you’re leaving them in a safe place, but in reality, you’re not,” Rebecca said. “That’s why we always encourage people to take their pets with them and include them in their hurricane plans.”

You can help LASPCA keep animals safe this hurricane season by donating to their disaster response program.