Photographer Rescued Dogs Left Behind During Hurricane Harvey

During Hurrican Harvey, photographer Ruaridh Connellan rushed across the flood water and untied a dog from a pole.  The pup wagged her tail and Connellan took her to safer ground.

Just outside of Victoria, the dog he named Lucky, was left tied up by her owners on the land where they had been living in a trailer.

Lucky was soaked to the skin and apparently abandoned in an area where every human had fled before the storm.

Before: A terrified dog was spotted by photographer Ruaraidh Connellan as record-breaking flood waters rose around her just outside of Victoria. Almost safe: Connellan made his way across the flood water to help rescue the dog, who was tethered to the pole.

Whether by accident or design, they left her tied to a post on a leash, where our photographer and reporter her found her on Saturday afternoon.

She was happy to be free and led to her friends: another dog, a pit bull cross breed, two cats and a small pony.

When Connellan visited the property the next day, Lucky ran out and greeted him while wagging her tail. He brought the pup food and fresh water.

Connellan said he couldn’t sleep that night wondering if the pet pooch was okay.

‘I was happy to see Lucky when I pulled up to the property, she came running out through the fence and greeted and me wagging her tail,’ Connellan said.

‘I fed Lucky some food I had in my car and gave her some fresh water.’

Lucky and other animals appeared frightened but were safe for now.

Lucky had other friends too, a pit bull mix dog, two cats, and a pony. The local animal control agency was called, and the abandoned animals were reported. They are safe but will need human attention soon.The owners of the trailer have been unable to trace who was living in the trailer before they left Lucky tied up. Connellan is happy to step up to the plate after forming a bond with the energetic mongrel.

Lucky’s friend, a pit bull mix, was also found tied up but he had more freedom to roam around dry land but not enough.“I’d love to take Lucky to live with me in New York. But sadly I’ll have to wait and go through the proper channels. I’m disappointed in people who abandon their animals. I feel good about what I did. There is no doubt in my mind, if I didn’t unleash Lucky from the tree, she would have drowned,” said Connellan.

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