Heroic Dog Stories Proving They Are Man’s Best Friend

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and think nothing of their own well-being while they focus on helping others in their time of need.

The heroes in the stories below are four-legged warriors. Read about their heroic deeds below …

1. Sandy the Pomeranian, saved her best friend,  a blind Chihuahua when she ran into a burning house to save her best friend.

2. These hounds work with their handlers to track down and arrest poachers in the Eastern Congo.

3. Tater Tot was hours from being euthanized before he was taken in by foster parents. In less than a week, Tater’s 4-year-old “brother” stopped breathing and fell unconscious. Tater would not stop barking until someone came to help.

Tater Tot the Amazing Pit Bull

Tater Tot had only lived with his foster family for four days when he saved Christi Smith’s four-year-old son’s life. He barked and whimpered in the middle of the night while pacing between Smith and her son Peyton’s room in Minneapolis. When Smith checks on Peyton, she found him incoherent and barely breathing.Once at the emergency room, doctors found his blood sugar levels had crashed dangerously. Veterinarian Isis Sanchez said that TaterTot’s sharp sense of smell helped him sense Peyton’s shift in body chemistry.

TaterTot’s rescue earned him a permanent home with the family: “I am never going to let this dog go,” foster mom-turned-permanent-mom said. “I owe him for the rest of his life.”

4. German shepherd search-and-rescue dog, worked tirelessly to find survivors trapped in the rubble in the aftermath of 9/11.

5. This graduate’s service dog, a 6-year-old Lab was instrumental in helping her graduate – so he wore a cap and gown too!

6. This dog found and helped save another dog that had been buried alive while out hikin g with his owner.

7. Sgt. Stubby is a decorated war hero from World War I who saved troops from mustard attacks and comforted the wounded and dying.

8. This Rottweiler is a service dog who called 911 for help after his owner fell, and then opened the door when emergency responders arrived.

9. Luca, who was trained for search-and-rescue, was taken out of retirement to help find a missing man who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

10. Layka, a Belgian Malinois, was later given a medal of honor for her service after suffering numerous gunshot wounds while subduing an insurgent during an attack in Afghanistan.

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