Cow Struggles To Give Birth To Breech Baby, So Bikers Stop To Reach Into Womb And Pull Him Out

When human moms give birth, there are usually doctors and nurses to help them in case something goes wrong. It’s not uncommon for births to require assistance: for example, you never know if babies will arrive with their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks. They might also be breech babies who need to be moved in the womb before they can come out.

Animals don’t have this luxury, but luckily humans are around to help if need be.

A few bikers stopped in their tracks when they saw a struggling cow in labor. Her baby was in the breech position, and she needed help giving birth.

In the clip below, you can see how they all help her in some way. A few keep her steady and calm, while one reaches into her womb to pull out the baby.

The biker took his shirt off before trying to help the poor mama cow. After a few good tugs, he gets a good hold on the calf. Even with help, the little one is still stuck inside mom. They try looping a rope around his hooves to get a better grasp. Then, all at once, the bikers pull.

It takes a few minutes, but the calf falls to the ground. Mom immediately gets on her knees and the little one, still wet, is brought to her. She cleans him lovingly and he opens his eyes for the first time.

What an incredible moment to catch on camera!

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