Tiny Baby Kangaroo Loses Mom, Then She Immediately Melts In New Caretaker’s Arms

When we think of baby kangaroos, our minds usually go straight to a mama kangaroo with her child tucked inside her pouch. Unfortunately, that’s just not how things were for little Indi.

The baby kangaroo became an orphan after losing her mom or being abandoned by her. Either way, Indi didn’t have that special bond between mother and child. Lucky for her, a very loving caretaker wanted to provide her with all the care and attention she needed to grow and progress.

In the video below, posted on March 14, 2017, Indi stands patiently on the red dirt outside.

A voice softly whispers, “What are you doing?”

Suddenly, the baby kangaroo spots her caretaker’s arms shooting forward, right toward her. She watches closely, and once his hands are close enough, she grabs them and clings on tight.

Indi clearly loves cuddling with her caretaker. Once she starts hugging him, she doesn’t want to let go at all. She rests her head in different positions on his wrist, nuzzling her cheeks on the outside of his palms.

The bond between the sweet baby kangaroo and the man kneeling across from her is beautiful. Since stepping in to give her all the cuddles, interaction, and comfort she’s needed since becoming an orphan, the two of them seem inseparable.

To see the touching moment for yourself, please check out the adorable video below.

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