Circus Elephants Are Finally Set Free From Their Miserable Life

Animals in the circus live a dreadful life. They are routinely tortured and abused while their young children are taken away from them. The animals live in servitude and will commonly have health problems.

Performing elephants highlight this travesty that is occurring all over the world.

Several groups have joined together to advocate ending this practice by boycotting. Many other groups go a step farther and try and rescue the animals that are in circuses now.

The pictures below were taken when these two circus elephants were released into the protection of a sanctuary.

Both of these elephants have major health problems that stem from not being cared for properly. The poor elephants were chained up and unable to sleep.

Mia and Sita took their first baths and were able to take probably their first naps in a very long time.

There are many more elephants who are living this miserable life, but we should remember, life is about to get much better for these two.

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