Confused Mom Sees Pit Bull Dash Through Front Door And Finds Neighbor Being Beaten By Husband

Back in 2009, a shocking story about a pure breed pit bull took the world by storm.

Blitz was a two-year-old, 100-pound gentle giant. His owner, a woman who remained anonymous in the press, described Blitz as mild-mannered and wonderful with her children.

Just as Blitz’s mom was heading off to bed, she heard a woman screaming and crying from across the street. She looked outside to find a horrific scene: a man was beating and dragging his estranged wife along the pavement and attempting to abduct her.

That’s when Blitz darted past his owner and tore through the screen door, nearly knocking her over in the process.

“Help me!” the woman screamed… as Blitz ran like a bulldozer, straight towards her attacker.

Watch the video below to see what unfolded next — and why Blitz’s story helped reduce the stigma and stereotypes attached to the bully breed.

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