Cat Stole His Owners Heart With His Vampire-Like Fangs

Nicole, was driving along when this little kitten ran out in front of her.  She stepped out of the car, picked him up and took him home. The poor little boy was frail and thin and had a bad eye infection. He was adorable but not only is he a black cat, he has his own set of ‘vampire fangs.’

Nicole fed the kitten, gave him a much-needed bath, and a lot of love. She nursed him back to health.

She named him Monkey (aka Monk) because he had a wild side and loved to run around and play, like a little monkey.

When the kitten’s teeth started to grow, his two canines grew and grew and now he looks like a vampire!

Nicole said at first, she tried to find him a home until she realized their meeting was meant to be.

Monk’s canine are his signature feature, and he now has quite over 23K followers on Instagram.

The family found another black cat they named Bean, one year after Monk was rescued and the two cats hit it off right away!

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