Shelter Cat Refused To Eat For 3 Months Until His Foster Mom Stepped In

Pam Martin has been an animal foster parent for many years when she heard about a particularly difficult cat. Claus was a sick, 2-year-old cat that was giving his rescuers problems because he refused to eat.

Pam knew she had to help this poor cat, but she had no idea how bad things were. Claus had stopped eating and drinking and was losing weight at a troubling rate.

He was scheduled to be euthanized in just one day when Pam rushed to the shelter to save Claus. He looked very rough, was suffering from calicivirus and had infections in his eyes.

She took Claus home and worked on re-hydrating him. Getting him well involved a trip to the animal hospital for IV fluids, and eventually a feeding tube to get Claus back to health.

Claus refused food for another 3 months, while Pam fed him with a syringe.

Since Pam rescued him, Claus is much better now, though no one is sure why he chose to start eating again.

Pam’s love convinced him that he was better, and he went about living like the healthy cat he was.


Clause made a beautiful transformation thanks to the love of one foster mom!

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