Pit Bull And Her New Chicken ‘Sister’ Make An Odd Couple

The chicken in this story wasn’t fond of any other animals until she met the pit bull, She had recently lost her sister and was depressed.

The neglected chicken belonged to a California backyard breeder, with many neglected chickens.

Carolyn Corso said when they arrived,  there were two chickens were in desperate need of help, so they rescued them both. Daisy and Rosie were bald and malnourished when they arrived at their new home.

Three years later, they both thrived under the care of the Corso’s. Tragically, Daisy died from egg yolk peritonitis.

Rosie was alone and had no interest in finding a new friend until she met Maggie. Maggie was found living as a stray in Compton, California

Maggie had recently given birth, was covered in fleas, and she had been hit by a car.

The Corso’s were fostering Maggie when they saw how Rosie reacted to her, they knew they were keeping the pit bull.

Rosie didn’t run away from Maggie, she seemed content lying next to her.

The two are inseparable and now best friends.  They eat together and love to cuddle with each other!

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