Tiny Kitten Has Absolutely Beautiful Relationship With An Aging Cow

Wesley T. Monkey is the king cat of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.


He’s there for his friends, no matter what species they may be.


The sanctuary serves as a forever home for those former farm animals who are no longer wanted or have outlived their usefulness in the farming industry. Instead of having them put down, they get to live out the rest of their years with animals just like them.


The sanctuary also has over 100 cats, but Wesley reigns supreme over them all. He doesn’t just care about his feline siblings, he cares about everyone.


Wesley takes his time to socialize with the cows and horses, sitting on their backs and listening to their troubles if they have any to voice. And even when the livestock are done lying around, Wesley doesn’t mind going along with them for the ride.


It saves his little paws from having to walk all over the place. He even takes time out of his day to talk with the pigs.


The animals don’t seem to mind his company either. The geese, who are extremely nervous animals, seem to tolerate Wesley’s presence as if they already know his reputation.


What makes this cat so special, no one knows, but he takes his job very seriously when it comes to making sure that all of the animals are okay.


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