Senior Cocker Spaniel Was Found On The Streets With A Labrador

Cookie, a senior Cocker Spaniel, was picked up as a stray along with a one-year-old Labrador Retriever. The two dogs were owned by the same family. The owners arrived at San Bernadino shelter to claim the dogs.

But in a move that stunned the internet, the family took only their young labrador home with them, surrendering Cookie and leaving her behind. The shelter snapped photos of Cookie, who watched heartbroken, as her family walked away with her younger canine sibling. She cried and whimpered for their return.

Lynn Hamilton of OC Small Paws So UT could not let Cookie be just another sad shelter dog statistic. When she saw the heartbreaking photos of Cookie waiting for her family to return, Lynn knew she needed to take action quickly.

In less than a month, Cookie’s story went viral, and this is what happened…