Abandoned Dog, Cat And Rat Are Inseparable At Shelter

Often it is hard to predict how different types of pets will get interact with each other and whether or not they will become friends. For this group of abandoned pets, the adversity they faced together made them an inseparable trio.

When a dog, a cat, and a rat were surrendered to a shelter by their owner, the animal shelter that took them in were incredibly surprised to find how close these animals were.

It was immediately apparent that Sasha the dog, Jack the cat, and Tweaks the rat never left each other’s side. The trio was sent to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society shelter in March.

“Their owner could no longer care for them, but they let us know they were very bonded,” said Jennifer Ollanketo.

Jennifer, an employee of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, was able to capture some amazing moments these animals shared while they lived at the shelter.

This animal friendship is a unique one.  All three animals eat from the same food bowl happily.

Jennifer saw that Jack had a hard time getting around, so Sasha helped guide him to where he needed to be. The animals learned to live with each other and it is truly an amazing thing to see. Jennifer said when Jack needed to get a checkup from the veterinarian; he refused to cooperate until they let Sasha into the room with them.


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