Dog Swims 6 Miles After Falling Overboard, Walks Another 12 To Reunite With Her Family

Rylee is a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois, who most likely has more swimming and survival experience than most adults in this world.

After embarking on a boating vacation in Michigan with her family, her parents Edward and Kristin soon ran into electrical trouble.

As Kristin stayed in the cabin thinking that Rylee was with Ed, Ed went to the top to figure things out, thinking Rylee was with Kristin.

They soon realized that Rylee was with neither of them.

In a panic, they called Mayday and explained their dog had fallen overboard.

The Lost Dog Search Team uses social media to help people in situations like this, and that’s just what they did for Rylee.

After they posted about Rylee’s story, they got over 20,000 people looking at their post and keeping an eye out for her, which led to her safe arrival home.

Someone had spotted her near a campground and Ed and Kristin immediately rushed to see if this found dog was their Riley. It was.

Rylee swam close to six miles, made it land safely, and reunited with her family. She had the determination and strength to carry on much longer than I ever could.

This dog has a phenomenal story under her belt and a grateful family holding her tight on board.

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