Dad Spends All Day Building A Fence For His Dog. 13 Seconds Later, He Realizes She Tricked Him

YouTube user “Rusty Graves” went out of his way to prevent his beloved dog, Stella, from running out of the backyard and onto the neighbor’s yard. He thought the fence would be high enough to contain her.

“Before I made the fence, I had Stella jump a baby gate inside and when she stopped jumping it I added six inches,” he wrote on YouTube. “She set me up!”

Rusty spent hours of time and manpower building a wooden fence around his backyard. When he was finally finished, he couldn’t wait to stand back and relish in his hard work.

He stood back and filmed the moment he revealed the new fence to Stella. “Yep, just completed fixing this fence. Pretty proud of it, I’ve gotta say.”

When the camera pans down the length of the fence as Stella realizes she’s a caged animal after all. Or is she?

Just when you think Rusty’s efforts are about to pay off, Stella reminds us how smart and sassy our pets can truly be.

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