Wolves Saved This Veteran’s Life

Veterans often times have a long struggle when trying to reintegrate themselves into society. A huge problem they face is PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder – which sometimes makes it difficult for them to have normal interactions with other people. It begins with reliving the traumatic event over and over again.  After which it progresses to avoiding places and/or people that are a reminder of that trauma, general irritability or always being on guard.

There is no cure for it as it is a chronic condition. The veterans have been shown ways to try and cope with their symptoms in a healthy manner that teaches them about nature and the wonderful world of wolves, the long-legged cousins of the domesticated dog have always been known as lone animals. They are a lot more social than people think.

The wolves and wolf-dogs in the video below, have been rescued from unfortunate situations and learned to heal through human interaction.

The veterans learn through meeting these wolves, that it is not hopeless for them!

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