Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Days Waiting for Her Sick Owner to Return Home

Dogs are known for their loyalty–they will stick by your side even in the most difficult of times. And they get worried and they care for our well-being too. Like when they see us crying, they get worried, and they try to comfort us. And when we get sick, they try to cheer us up too.

Boncuk, this loyal dog waits outside hospital, has won over the staff, who make special trips outside to feed and visit his owner, and keeping his spirits up. The hospital even orchestrated a reunion for Şentürk and his pup, allowing the dog to sit by Şentürk’s hospital bed and get pets from his dad. When Boncuk saw his dad again, he became a completely different dog — smiling and wagging his tail for the first time in days.

“Boncuk has been with me for nine years,” Şentürk told us. “I miss him too. He’s already used to me. Sometimes I call him from the window, then he calms down a little more here.”

Boncuk reportedly followed the ambulance to the hospital and then stayed outside the building waiting for her owner. Senturk’s daughter, Aynur Egeli, took the dog home that evening but said that Boncuk ran off after they got home and returned to the hospital to wait for Senturk.

During Senturk’s stay at the hospital, Egeli tried several times to take the dog home, but each time Boncuk would find her way back to the hospital’s doors. While Boncuk appeared eager to be reunited with her dog dad again, she was polite about waiting for him to return.

 “She comes every day around 9 a.m. and waits until nightfall. She doesn’t go in,” Hospital security guard Muhammet Akdeniz told private news agency DHA, per AP, about Boncuk’s behavior, adding “When the door opens she pokes her head inside.”

After close to a week of waiting, Boncuk was reunited with her owner, when Senturk was discharged from the hospital. The pair returned home together.