Elephant Looks For Help After Being Shot In The Head

Veterinarians in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park were stunned when an injured elephant walked right up to them.Pretty Boy, a large bull elephant was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

That’s when they called the veterinarians from the Animal and Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation Trust to Mana Pools to treat Pretty Boy to take care of the open bullet wound on his forehead. Once they arrived, the vets spotted an additional gunshot wound on the elephant’s shoulders.

When Pretty Boy made an appearance, the elephant didn’t display caution, fear or injury-induced rage, he was calm and docile. Dr. Lisa Marabini, one of the AWARE vets, mentioned that he “emanated serenity.”

The AWARE staff tranquilized Pretty Boy from a safe distance, took in-field X-rays of his wounds and removed the bullet and pieces of necrotic bone. They sterilized the wound and gave the elephant antiseptics and antibiotics to speed healing.

They shared an update saying that Pretty Boy was looking well and relatively healthy; guides continue to monitor his progress.

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