Orangutan Gets Emotional When Pregnant Woman Reveals She’s Going To Be A Mother

Parenthood: No matter what species you may be, being a parent will always be an incredible thing to experience. Horse, human, or ape, raising a baby from totally defenseless to a grown adult will always be incredibly special.

But even with that knowledge, when one mother-to-be went to her local zoo, she had no idea she was going to have one of the most incredible experiences of her lifetime.

She and her husband were looking at a particularly large orangutan when suddenly he became fixated on her baby bump. As Mom got closer to the glass this huge animal honestly seems to have gotten emotional at the tiny life within this woman.

He softly caressed her belly over the glass and at one point even kissed right where the baby was sitting. It’s truly an amazing sight to behold, and it’s obvious that this huge creature knows exactly what’s about to happen to this mom. He seems to know that there’s going to be a new baby in the world very soon, and he honestly seems happy about it.

Even though we’re not a huge fan of zoos, it should be noted that this beautiful animal is working as an ambassador to help spread awareness to people who visit him to let them know how important his species is. Along with the important research he provides, he’s never forced to do tricks and he’s always given a healthy diet.

His reaction to this pregnant woman is truly beautiful to watch, and when he teared up, we did too!

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