Bitter Ex-Boyfriend Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog Halfway Across Country So Stranger Brings Him Home

In late November, a pit bull mix was found alone in Maryland.

Luckily, the pup had a microchip, and the Caroline County Humane Society was able to find out where he came from Wichita, Kansas.

Eventually, volunteers at the Humane Society were able to get in touch with the dog’s mom, and that’s when they learned the dramatic story of how he ended up all the way in Maryland.

The pup, who is named Zimba, had embarked on a fun road trip with his mom’s boyfriend at the time. But while they were away, Zimba’s mom says she and her boyfriend broke up, leaving the boyfriend angry and upset. He was so upset that he apparently abandoned Zimba in Maryland, and stopped answering any phone calls from his ex-girlfriend, CBS Local Baltimore reports.

Zimba’s mom had been looking for him since his disappearance and was “thrilled” to find out he was safe. However, she couldn’t figure out how she’d be able to make the more than 1,000-mile journey to pick him up because of her job and kids.

Then, Zach Holt heard Zimba’s story.

Zach used to work at the shelter, and his girlfriend still does. When she told him about Zimba, he immediately offered to drive the pup 1,000 miles home to Kansas. He says he’s a bartender who only works weekends, so he had the entire week free and figured “why not?”

So Zach and Zimba met up, hopped into the car, and got driving.

Zach and Zimba haven’t arrived in Wichita just yet, but they’re having a great time on their road trip, which you can follow along on the Caroline County Humane Society Facebook page. Zach says he can’t wait to see the family reunion when Zimba finally gets home.

Zach hasn’t asked for anything in response to his journey, but the Humane Society is raising money to pay for tolls and gas along the way.

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