Vet Rescues Dog With Swollen Belly From Death Row, Then X-Ray Reveals 12 Tiny Babies

For humans, finding out you’re expecting a larger bundle of babies can be a pretty surprising moment, to say the least. Every parent is thrilled to welcome their sweet faces, but the news is jarring.

However, we tend to cap our broods of multiples at triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets. There have been larger sets born thanks to advancements in fertility technology, but those are much rarer.

Now, imagine what it would be like to hear you’re expecting over a dozen! That’s exactly what our four-legged friends encounter when they start their little families. Some even go above and beyond, like with the proud mama who gave birth to a whopping 19 tiny babies.

Though the sweet girl in the video below doesn’t have quite as many cuties hiding in her belly, Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch was still shocked to discover more than just a few.

The poor thing was on death row before the kindhearted veterinarian stepped in to bring her back to his facility. Naming her Gracie, they soon found she was also suffering an issue with her left eye obscuring her vision.

Dr. Matt kept a careful eye on the expectant mom, but she had a surprise in store for him when he walked in to check on her just a couple of days later. Gracie was able to deliver all 12 of her pups overnight all by herself!

She also took to motherhood in a snap, making sure each precious fluffball remained close by her side.

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