When NFL Player Enters Shelter, He Asks To Rescue The Least Adoptable Dog

Baltimore Ravens player Ronnie Stanley went to BARCS animal shelter with his girlfriend Emily and teammate Alexander Lewis to adopt a new dog. When Stanley walked up to the front desk he told the staff that he was looking for a very special pet.

“We are looking for a dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable,” he said.

The staff at BARCS was so excited! There were so many dogs sitting in the shelter for years, including senior dogs, dogs who were physically imperfect, and dogs with ongoing medical issues.

BARCS shared the story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. They wrote:

“Beautiful Winter is a dog who has spent most of her six years of life falling into sad, unfortunate situations. She was found on a vacant property, on a hot day with no electricity, or open windows. She was dehydrated and extremely frightened. Winter has a long, hanging belly, most likely a result of over breeding–something we see far too often at our shelter. Due to her age, her belly is not something that will ever tighten up. Female dogs with such characteristics are often passed by in our shelter–but not by Ronnie!

Ronnie’s thought on Winter’s belly, as recalled by our volunteers: ‘Well, that’s just what happens when you’ve had babies.’ He was much more interested in getting lots of face kisses from Winter and falling in love, rather than being worried about the appearance of her tummy. What a great guy!”

Not only did Stanly adopt Winter,  he adopted another dog from BARCS, a pot-bellied puppy named Rico. In August 2017, Stanley participated in a fundraising campaign at BARCS where he matched donations up to $5,000.

Hopefully, more people will follow Stanley’s example and adopt dogs who may be older but still have plenty of love to share.

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