Heartbroken Mama Dog Is Shown Something That Gets Her Tail Wagging Nonstop…

This sweet video of a mama dog and her pups being reunited was shared online by the Marin Humane Society. The group, located in the Bay Area, said that the dog, named Cora, was given up by her owner on Saturday. And after examining her, it was evident that Cora had recently given birth.


According to the Humane Society, Cora’s former owner was “evasive and unwilling to admit” that the little dog had given birth to puppies. However, after a while, the group was able to convince the owner to surrender the four puppies, who they say were still too little to be separated from their mother.

Before being reunited with her babies, Cora had been very anxious and “frightened.”

But, as you can see in the video below, the dog had a miraculous transformation as soon as she saw that her puppies were with her once again!


When the video first begins, you can see Cora sitting warily in the corner. But, once she realizes that her puppies are there in the room, she rushes out to greet them, tail-wagging like crazy!


“We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again. Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion” wrote the Humane Society on their Facebook page.


The puppies were all named after characters from Downton Abbey. The three male puppies were named Branson, Carson, and Molesley, and the female puppy was named Edith. (“Cora” is also a character from the popular television show.)

The Marin Humane Society reported that Cora and her puppies are all doing very well. They’ve all been placed in a foster home, and eventually, they’ll be put up for adoption.

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