Loving Cat Prevents His Owner From Committing Suicide

This is a story about a miracle in San Francisco. When a man suspected of stealing a car was being chased, he ran from the police into a building and tried to commit suicide. He climbed onto a ledge and threatened to jump if anyone got near him.


The negotiators talked to the man for over three hours, however, he would not listen to them. Finally, the man’s family arrived at the scene with their family cat. His family was sure that their cat would convince him not to jump.

Within 45 minutes, the man calmed down and came back in the building. The negotiators used his cat to persuade him to come down and surrender himself. The man surrendered and before he was taken away, he spent a moment with his beloved pet.

Police spokesman Albie Esparza, said they have never calmed a person down with a cat, but he was glad it worked. Never underestimate the power of love, that special bond, between a pet and his parent. He commended the officers for using his cat to calm him down.

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