Groom Cooks Bacon In Cabin. When A Stray Dog Appears, She Leads Bachelor Party To Her Puppies

Mitchel Craddock couldn’t wait to celebrate his bachelor party with his best friends. He and his eight groomsmen recently headed into the woods of Tennessee for a guys-only getaway.

However, things took an unexpected turn on the very first morning of their trip.

While the guys were cooking bacon inside their cabin, they saw a female dog standing at the front door. She was hesitant to step foot inside, but it was clear she was interested in their breakfast.

The guys befriended the sweet and friendly dog and named her Annie. They could tell she was a stray who recently had puppies, but was so malnourished that her milk dried up.

When the guys took Annie outside to run around in the woods, they noticed she acted very protective over one grassy spot in particular. That’s when they discovered Annie’s seven pups who were safely nuzzled up inside a hole in the ground.

Each of the seven puppies proceeded to emerge from the hole. The more Annie watched the guys interact with her puppies, the more she grew to trust them.

Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose were found in surprisingly healthy shape. “The mom had given the pups literally everything she had,” Mitchel says.

Before they knew it, Mitchel and his groomsmen had forgone their original plan for a party-filled bachelor weekend. Instead, they were happily taking care of the canine family and spent all their money on dog food and supplies.

Now comes the very best part: All eight dogs, including Annie, was adopted by the groom and his groomsmen or their loved ones.

And they all live within a five-mile radius.

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