Are Christmas Trees Toxic To Dogs?

If you have a dog, then it’s likely that they’ll try to play with or chew on your Christmas tree. But are Christmas trees toxic to dogs, or can they be safe if your pup takes a bite?

are christmas trees toxic to dogs

Your dog is more likely to get sick if they eat your Christmas tree. The scent of Christmas trees is not only nostalgic, but it’s also toxic to cats. The chemical pinene gives them that signature aroma.

Dogs can experience symptoms from eating part of a Christmas tree or sap. These include:

•Mouth irritation
•Lack of appetite
•Muscle weakness
•Unusual breathing


Some trees may be treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives before you buy them. These chemicals can be poisonous to dogs so make sure your pet doesn’t eat them.


In order to keep your tree fresh, you probably add some preservatives to the water. But be careful because if your dog drinks the chemical-filled water it could give him an upset stomach or worse. Pine needles and sap can also get into the water, which is bad news if your pup takes a drink.


Pine needles are pointy and can pierce the intestinal lining. They lead to internal injury when ingested, so be careful.

Are Artificial Christmas trees safe for dogs?

are christmas trees toxic to dogs

Artificial trees are a great way to keep your dog safe. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re completely free from risk. Your dog could choke if they manage to get a bite of your fake tree. Plus, the plastic might poison or it may cause an obstruction in their digestive tract. Luckily, the chance of your pup eating a piece big enough to pose a risk is probably pretty low because he’d have to spend some time chewing on the tree. But just in case you should keep an eye on him whenever he goes near that particular one.

How to keep dogs safe around Christmas trees

It’s true that Christmas trees can be harmful to dogs, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have one in your house. Dogs can be very determined chewers, so you might want to monitor your dog’s behavior closely.

are christmas trees toxic to dogs

According to Dr. Cunninghama, a senior emergency clinician at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Michigan, It is important to take measures so that your dog does not chew on tree parts or drink the water from the stand.

1. Cover the tree water

To keep your dog from drinking out of the tree, cover it with a tree skirt or buy one that has an already-covered base. You can also use freshwater with nothing added to it and change the water daily. This way, if he does sneak a sip from it, all will be well.

2. Clean up

Clean up any pine needles that fall around your tree so you don’t have to worry about them getting into your pup’s mouth and making them sick. It’s also a good idea to get rid of your tree before it starts shedding tons of needles at the end of the season.

3. Anchor your tree

You don’t want your pup to get hurt by a falling Christmas tree. Make sure you have a sturdy tree stand in case your pup decides to play with the ornaments. To avoid unwanted damage, it is important to make sure your tree lies far from anything fragile that could break in case of a fall.

are christmas trees toxic to dogs

You never know when your dog might decide that it would be fun to have some redecorating done. So just in case, the worst happens, make sure you block off their access with something sturdy and solid.

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