Puppy Left Abandoned On Stoop With A Note And Half-Eaten Pizza

Justin Hanley opened the door to his house and found a puppy tied to his steps by her leash. He checked out the dog who was left with a note and a  half-eaten pizza.

The note said: “Please take me home. I’m a girl named Diamond. We can no longer keep her in our home. Thank you.”

“Clearly, if somebody is feeding a dog pizza they weren’t equipped to handle a dog in the first place,” Hanley said.

Hanley took the puppy in but knew he wasn’t able to keep her. He made it a priority to find her a loving home. In the meantime, he gave her water and food. She was nervous at first, but once Hanley fed her and called her by her name, she was very sweet and affectionate.

Hanley posted the puppy’s picture to his neighborhood’s Facebook group, asking for someone who deals with abandoned or lost dogs. No one recognized the puppy or who she could’ve belonged to, but tons of people commented and messaged Hanley willing to help.

Hanley was in touch with volunteers from Don’t Bully Us after only a few hours. The animal rescue group based in New Jersey came to pick Diamond up and brought her to a foster home.

Her foster home is on a lake with plenty of room for her to play, and she has a puppy foster sibling there to play with her.

Her name has been changed to Serenity by her foster family and she is now up for adoption. The vet thinks Serenity is about five months old and is a very friendly, happy puppy.

There were a lot of people were willing to help this pup and that restored Hanley’s faith in humanity.

Thankfully Serenity got her happy ending.

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