Adorable Puppy Hilariously Play With His Owner’s In-Phone Camera

Bogey is a new character in town. Last month, Bogey and his mother Carly returned to their hometown, and boy has it been an experience! He’s been practicing walking on a leash, playing tug of war, destroying every shoe insight, and even puppy plays phone camera.

However, it was Bogey discovering Bogey that ignited the collective heart of TikTok.

“Hey, can you guys just watch him for a second?” At the beginning of a video Carly posted to the site last week, she inquires. After that, she walks away from the small red Labrador pup and leaves her phone on the ground in front of it.

@bogey_boy crying real tears 🥲😭😂 #lab #labradorretriever #redfoxlab #puppy #babycam ♬ original sound – Bogey & Carly

A few moments later, after Carly has left the room, Bogey is ready to start playing with the pup on the phone. He bounces toward the camera before dropping to his play position. For the following 30 seconds, Bogey lies down, wags his tail, gives the camera a cheeky side-eye, and makes some little growls—all in an effort to entice the red puppy in the phone to join him for some playtime.

In the end, Bogey paws at the screen, knocking the phone over and bringing the video to an abrupt stop. TikTok’s @bogey boy has had 17.5 million views in the five days since that 56-second clip went live.

@bogey_boy Pt.2 😂😂😂 #bogeyboy #puppytok #redfoxlabrador #englishlab #fyp ♬ original sound – Bogey & Carly